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An online exhibition December 1-14, 2020


Heilakka is a Finnish-American artist. “heijastuma” is a collection of 17 very personal and intimate works sparked by a 2019 visit to his family’s farm in Finland.

“It is the inherent conflict between what was and what is that inspired me to explore “heijastuma.”

Many of the works are themselves reflections – an image seen in distinctly different ways but yet still the same.  Using only pen and ink and occasionally a wash of ink or watercolor each piece captures that dissonance of the unfamiliar familiar.

heijastuma – the act of reflecting

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Stephen’s Tours at The Michener Museum

The Art of Stillness

Heilakka serves as a docent for The Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Named “Docent of the Year” in 2019, one of the programs he leads is The Art of Stillness which is part of the international Slow Art movement. LEARN MORE >

TOUR DATES:  Coming soon … FREE with admission


Events Postponed

Confined and Constrained

​For everyone’s safety and in keeping with local, state and federal mandates, all exhibits and shows through 2020 have been canceled.  During these uncertain times, Stephen is expressing his prayers for everyone through a new series entitled “Constraint/Confinement.” Each of the works within the series examines the sense of community and isolation in which we find ourselves. If you haven’t already, follow Stephen and The Painting Monk on Facebook and Instagram (click links in the footer of this page) to see each piece as it’s completed. The works are  posted to Heilakka’s Etsy page.


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