Stephen Heilakka

An Artist… A Journey

“I have always been curious about how to combine my love for the Divine with my love for the fine arts. When I am at prayer, I fulfill my calling as a human being seeking connection with the world, the universe, the infinite. One morning as I came out of a deep meditation, I realized my work was an extension of that ongoing journey. My paintings are more than an expression of myself, they are visual prayers.”

About Stephen

Apprenticed to Master painter Niko Choceli for 5 years, Stephen is classically trained. He has studied under Anne Packard of Provincetown, MA and Irish painter Tim Hawksworth.

Class Offerings

Stephen offers one-on-one instruction grounded in the classic tradition at his studio located in central Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


Interested in having a piece of art that is truly your own? Stephen offers Painted Prayers on a commission basis in three levels of presentation.

The Journey

My studio is my monk’s cell

“As a troubled child, I walked into a Gothic cathedral in Philadelphia and felt a profound love. I was in the 6th grade. There, I made a serious adult commitment to enter the ministry – which I did at age 20. Later married with two children, I came out. The church that had been my salvation rejected me. I wandered and had many careers before taking up the paintbrush in 1999. Art is now my church. My studio is my monk’s cell. I pray with pen or brush in hand.”

– Stephen Heilakka


Oil Paintings

Watercolor / Pen & Ink

Mixed Media

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